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By: A. Irhabar, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Professor, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

If a large area of the pancreas is affected medicine 257 purchase 3ml careprost visa, both endocrine and digestive functions of the gland become Cancer impaired treatment 2011 buy careprost 3ml overnight delivery. In the absence of lipid enzymes from the pancreas symptoms 9 weeks pregnancy order genuine careprost on-line, fat cannot be digested, resulting in greasy stools with a foul odor. Secondary mal- absorption syndrome develops because fat that is not digested cannot be absorbed. In pancre- atitis, the protein- and lipid-digesting enzymes Pancreas become activated within the pancreas and begin to digest the organ itself. The digestion can extend into blood vessels, which causes severe internal bleeding and shock. When the condition becomes this severe, it is called acute hemor- rhagic pancreatitis. The most significant diagnostic procedures for pancreatitis are blood and urine tests for elevated pancreatic enzymes such as lipase and amylase. A common site of pancreatic requires hospitalization, a few days of fasting, cancer is in the head of the pancreas within the pancreatic ducts. Chapter Nine Diseases and Disorders of the Gastrointestinal System L 189 This causes malabsorption of fat and clay-colored older adults. Peptic ulcers are no more common stools; sufficient nutrients and calories cannot be in older than in middle-age people; however, the absorbed, and weight loss occurs. Colon experienced as the tumor grows, and the cancer cancer incidence increases after age 45, which usually metastasizes to the surrounding organs: emphasizes the importance of regular screening the duodenum, stomach, and liver. Diverticula are most com- Diagnosis depends on laparoscopic biopsy and mon in older adults, and therefore the incidence ultrasound. Diarrhea poses a great is poor, and death occurs in a relatively short risk of dehydration and malnutrition. Treatment, which is rarely successful, gastrointestinal infections such as food poison- includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Thus, changes in diet or new medi- Age-Related Diseases cations that affect intestinal motility can more Infants and young children are especially vulner- easily lead to constipation or diarrhea. For example, unchecked vomiting Liver and gallbladder disorders are uncommon and diarrhea can cause dehydration and malnu- in children. In adulthood, liver function dimin- trition more easily in children than in adults. The ishes with increasing age, which results in the digestive system functions fairly well in healthy persistence of high blood levels of medications older adults, despite normal age-related changes or toxins. In old age, levels of clotting factors such as thinning mucosa and decreased muscle decline, increasing the risk for hemorrhage. However, some diseases such as cancer incidence of cholelithiasis is highest in those occur with greater frequency with increasing age over age 80. Pancreas Mouth and Esophagus Pancreatic disorders in children are uncommon, Dental caries (cavities) are more prevalent in although insulin-dependent (Type 1, or juvenile- children than in adults. Type 2, incidence of caries reduces and the risk for gin- formerly called adult-onset diabetes, is now givitis and periodontal disease increases. Peri- increasingly occurring in children (as well as in odontal disease and osteoporosis contribute to adults) as a result of obesity. The number of taste pancreatic cancer peaks in the 60s and is most buds decreases, and together with decreased common among older men. Acute pancreatitis saliva secretion, this may lead to decreased is common in older adults. Esophageal cancer incidence is high- acute pancreatitis is associated with alcoholism, est in those over age 60. As stated earlier, this while in older adults acute pancreatitis is more cancer is closely linked with the use of alcohol likely due to gallstones that block the pancreatic and tobacco. Gastrointestinal Tract Resources Infectious diarrheal diseases are the leading American Cancer Society: www. A 45-year-old woman experiences frequent Also, he has noted that his feces are gray- heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and sharp ish white instead of brown. Explain riences gastric reflux, or a regurgitation of why each of these symptoms occurs with this stomach acid into the esophagus, a condi- disease.

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As mentioned above treatment hepatitis c buy 3 ml careprost otc, an aminoglycoside is synergistic with cell wall-inhibiting antibiotics treatment hemorrhoids purchase careprost 3 ml without prescription, and the patient should be started on fortified vancomycin and tobramycin medicine world nashua nh order careprost 3 ml with visa. Give the patient four doses-an alternating dose every 5 minutes-followed by alternation every half hour. Next morning the ulcer looks worse with 4 mm corneal infiltrate and purulent material overlying the ulcer. Next day, the ulcer looks stable, but the patient complains of persistent and perhaps worsening pain. Examination reveals diffuse punctate corneal epithelial defects, inferior conjunctival erythema, and swollen lower eyelids. Toxicity is often less severe with topical administration; indeed, some common topical antibiotics such as neomycin and polymyxin cannot be given intravenously because of systemic toxicity. However, intensive regimens of potent antibiotics often produce surface toxicity with prominent involvement of lower more than upper conjunctiva. Occasionally, only analgesics and cool compresses can be offered if the infection is not under control. Fortified vancomycin may be decreased because tobramycin and ciprofloxacin are more important for Pseudomonas ulcer, and the ulcer appears to be stabilizing. He would like binocular vision for his surgical career and asks you to get rid of his corneal scar. When, how much, and how long to use topical steroids is controversial, but a trial of topical steroids is certainly warranted before considering surgical options. Fluoroquinolones every ½ to 1 hour initially may offer similar efficacy with less toxicity than fortified topical antibiotics. The use of topical steroids after the infection is controlled can decrease the size of the scar. At a molecular level, inhibition of arachidonic acid release from phospholipids may be the most important effect. Arachidonic acid is converted to prostaglandins and related compounds that are potent mediators of inflammation. At a cellular level, steroids must be carried to the cytoplasm, where they bind to soluble receptors and then enter the nucleus to alter transcription of various proteins involved in immune regulation and inflammation. At the tissue level, steroids suppress the cardinal signs of inflammation such as edema, heat, pain, and redness through a variety of mechanisms. They cause vasoconstriction and decrease vascular permeability to inflammatory cells. Cellular and intracellular membranes are stabilized to inhibit release of inflammatory mediators such as histamine. Neutrophilic leucocytosis is inhibited, and macrophage recruitment and migration are also decreased. Overall, steroids are potent anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agents with wide-ranging ophthalmic applications, but their adverse effects as well as their benefits should be understood before use. Since steroids are not cures, what general categories of disorders warrant ophthalmic use of topical steroids? Abelson and Butrus identify three broad categories of disorders that warrant steroid use: postsurgical, immune hyperreactivity, and combined immune and infectious processes. Remarkably, postoperative use of steroids has not been evaluated in a well-controlled, double- blinded study. Although their use in this setting is almost universal, some ophthalmologists report adequate control of postoperative inflammation with topical nonsteroidals for various ophthalmic procedures (controversial). The second category includes various uveitides, allergic and vernal conjunctivitis, corneal graft rejections, and other processes in which the immune system activity is harmful to the host tissue. The last category includes viral and bacterial corneal ulcers, especially herpes simplex and herpes zoster, in which control of infectious processes must be balanced with control of inflammation that may scar delicate ocular tissue. The physician with the residual corneal scar wants to minimize his corneal scar but is concerned about potential side effects of topical steroids. Exacerbation of the existing infection with reactivation of dormant organisms or inhibition of wound healing is the most immediate concern.

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The photographic effect of direct however symptoms mono buy line careprost, blackening of a piece of flm does x-ray exposure on an emulsion can be in­ not give an accurate estimation of the ex­ creased by a factor of almost 100 by proper posure to which the flm has been sub­ chemical sensitization of the emulsion medications causing hyponatremia discount 3ml careprost overnight delivery. For example medicine 503 order 3 ml careprost with visa, a flm subjected to an The sensitivity of film to direct x-ray ex­ exposure of 50 mR at an x-ray energy of posure varies signifcantly (by a factor of 50 kVp will, after development, exhibit a 20 to 50) with the energy (kVp) of the x-ray much higher density (amount of blacken­ beam. This x-ray spectral sensitivity is most ing) than an identical flm subjected to an important when considering use of flm to exposure of 50 mR by 200-kVp x rays. Above 50 kVp, the ef­ radiation energy is partially solved by plac­ fciency with which absorbed x-ray photons ing various metal flters in front of the flm are utilized to produce a photographic ef­ in an attempt to control the energy (kVp) fect decreases significantly with increasing of the x rays that reach different areas of photon energy. The accuracy of flm badge mon­ age keV of the x rays produced will be close itoring of x-ray exposure is about ± 20%. This will posure offers several advantages over cause the film to exhibit maximum pho­ other methods, such as ionization cham­ toelectric absorption of 50-kVp x rays. The film badge provides a permanent ure 10-6 shows, in a rough graphic form, record, and is small in size and weight, rug­ the way in which the x-ray sensitivity of film ged, and inexpensive. Supercoating The sensitivity also varies greatly with the way in which the film is developed. The Covering the emulsion is a thin layer, amount of blackening (density) on the de- commonly gelatin, that serves to protect the emulsion from mechanical damage. In special types of film this supercoat, or anti­ � 1 abrasive coating, may contain substances 90 > that make the film surface smooth and 1 slick. This is a desirable quality in flm that ( z must be transported through a cut flm w C 60 rapid film changer. De­ and inactivation of the developing agent velopment is generally an all-or-none phe­ and the liberation of hydrogen ions. Note nomenon, because an entire grain is de­ that the reaction must proceed in an al­ veloped (reduced) once the process begins. When hydroquinone is ox­ The process is usually initiated at the site idized to quinone, two electrons are liber­ of a latent image speck (commonly on the ated to combine with the two silver ions to surface of the grain). The re­ action of the silver atoms in the latent action of phenidone is similar (Fig. The silver in a grain this initially microscopic black spot into a that does not contain a latent image can be single visible black speck of silver in the reduced by the developer, but at a much emulsion. Thus, time is a fundamental In addition to developing agents, the de­ factor in the developing process. Devel­ veloping solution contains ( 1) an alkali to opment should be discontinued when the adjust the pH, (2) a preservative (sodium differential between exposed developed sulfte), and (3) restrainers, or antifog­ grains and unexposed undeveloped grains gants. Hydroquinone was tion, the alkali serves as a buffer to control discovered to be a developing agent in the hydrogen ions liberated during the de­ 1880. Developers made of hy­ velopers function at a pH range of 10 to droquinone are characterized by high con­ 11. Metol developers became available in droxide, sodium carbonate, and borates 1891, and are characterized by high speed, (sodium metaborate and sodium tetrabor­ low contrast, and fine grain. Both metol and phenidone are used mainly The oxidation products of the developing in combination with hydroquinone. This agents decompose in alkaline solution and statement is usually expressed the other form colored materials that can stain the way around by stating that hydroquinone emulsion. These products react rapidly is used mainly in combination with metol with sodium sulfite to form colorless solu­ or phenidone. In addition, sodium sulfte cause of the phenomenon of synergism, or acts as a preservative. The mixture results in a the developing agent will react with oxygen development rate greater than the sum of from the air. The sulfite acts as a preser­ the developing rate of each developing vative by decreasing the rate of oxidation, agent. Sulfite re­ ergism are complex and not fully under­ moves oxygen from the air dissolved in the stood, so we will not explore the details. The chemistry of developing is not our before it has time to oxidize the developing chief interest, but the formulas for the basic agent. As shown in Figure silver halide grains that do not contain a 10-7, the developing agent reduces silver latent image. Hydroquinone (A) or phenidone (B) may be used as the developer sium bromide) decrease the rate of fog for­ ference in commercial x-ray developing so­ mation.

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Transvaginal ultrasound can be a very proteinuria on dipstick or spot urine protein/creati- successful adjunct in assessing for distal renal stones medications given to newborns buy cheap careprost 3ml on line. Tis generally can be easily distinguished Most cases of renal colic can be diagnosed with a com- from other causes of proteinuria through the evi- bination of ultrasound and clinical features medicine 802 buy cheap careprost 3 ml line. It is only dence of pyuria and bacteriuria with associated uri- rarely that other imaging modalities will be required medicine man lyrics order careprost 3 ml without a prescription. Indeed, proteinuria has been found to be absent in 14 per cent of eclampsia16 and 13 per a preliminary plain abdominal X-ray, early and late post-contrast abdominal X-rays only). In pregnancy, or visual disturbance, epigastric pain, and fetal growth restriction. Percutaneous renal biopsy Urinalysis will demonstrate haematuria, red cell Renal biopsy is rarely warranted in pregnancy. Specifc aetiologies for glomerulonephritis and pre-eclampsia may be difcult, and therefore will require exhaustive serologic examinations and renal biopsy may be considered for diagnosis in possible renal biopsy. The treatment plan depends pre-viable gestations where a defnitive diagnosis solely on the specifc disease. Conclusion However, nephrotoxic agents may precipitate the New-onset proteinuria in pregnancy should alert the tubular damage. Treatment consists of strict fuid balance to avoid fuid overload, and supportive care. Although large References doses of frusemide are commonly used to improve urine output, in randomised controlled trials this has 1. Prerenal azotaemia Proteinuria and its assessment in normal Tis is the most common type of renal failure outside and hypertensive pregnancy. Urinary dipstick protein: a poor pre- cular volume may be attributed to haemorrhage, dehy- dictor of absent or severe proteinuria. A prospective study of the impact of auto- Treatment is generally correcting the volume deple- mated dipstick urinalysis on the diagno- tion or removing the inciting agent. Tis is an uncommon cause of proteinuria: consequences of the use of uri- proteinuria in pregnancy; however, it has been seen nary protein:creatinine ratios. Nephrol Dial in multiple pregnancy where complete obstruction of Transplant 1989; 4: 9–14. Use of pro- urinary obstruction as the cause of proteinuria is the tein:creatinine ratio measurements on ran- fact that it is usually a readily correctable problem. The by the National Institute for Health and severity of hydronephrosis will distinguish this from Clinical Excellence. Hypertension in the physiologic hydronephrosis seen in most preg- pregnancy: the management of hyperten- nancies. London; low the release of the obstruction and fuid balance August 2010 (revised reprint January management is essential to prevent hypovolaemia. Urinary protein and albumin Sujatha Tamban and excretion corrected by creatinine and spe- Quazi Selina Naquib cifc gravity. Diagnostic common, both the new episodes specifcally related accuracy of urinary spot protein: creatinine to childbirth and recurrences of pre-existing con- ratio for proteinuria in hypertensive pregnant ditions. British Medical psychological and physiological efect on a woman’s Journal 2008; 336(7651): 1003–06. Kyle P, Fielder J, Pullar B, Horwood L, ated with a marked increase in incidence and prev- Moore M. Comparison of methods to iden- alence of psychiatric disorder, although the exact tify signifcant proteinuria in pregnancy in causal mechanisms remain unclear. Diagnostic accuracy of spot sion is consistently found in 10–15 per cent of moth- urinary protein and albumin to creatinine 1 ers. Postpartum psychosis is less common afecting ratios for detection of signifcant proteinuria 2 per 1000 deliveries. About 2 per cent of pregnant or adverse pregnancy outcome in patients women using obstetric services have chronic mental with suspected pre-eclampsia: system- 2 health problems. Report of the National High Blood Pressure sive illness or a puerperal psychosis, is substantially Education Program Working Group on High increased, particularly in the frst 3 months following Blood Pressure in Pregnancy. The The relative risk of developing a new-onset serious detection, investigation and management psychiatric disorder during pregnancy is lower than of hypertension in pregnancy: full consen- at other times; however, obsessive–compulsive disor- sus statement. It is defned by its brevity; should cide during pregnancy and the year following deliv- symptoms persist, then postnatal depression should ery reported in 2003–2005 was largely due to a fall be considered.

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